Why Your Business Deserves the Attention of Commercial Security Systems Medford Oregon

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When it comes to an alarm system, your business requires special attention. It goes beyond what a residential security system requires as there are some additional considerations to bear in mind.

Some of these would most likely include the following considerations:

    • Businesses that operate 24/7
    • Assets that are stored outside
    • Large amounts of cash on hand
    • Smaller items that are highly priced
    • Assets Stored Outside
    • Small business owners who work from home
    • Multiple users

Your company may need to store goods outside that doesn’t have the protection a locked building has to offer. In cases like these, you’ll need added commercial security systems Medford, Oregon installed to offer you much-needed protection. These may be:

    • Fence line beam detectors
    • Contacts attached to a gate
    • Motion detectors to focus on a particular area
    • Security cameras to pinpoint the exact location of intruders

Businesses Who Operate 24/7
If you own a business that doesn’t close, then you may reckon you do not need any security alarms. Even though you do not require traditional monitoring like other businesses, there are other considerations such as the possibility of being held up. During such instances, you need to have a holdup switch. Back in the day, the switches were close at hand and near the till. Thanks to wireless security systems, the panic button can now be positioned anywhere or even be worn by key personnel, which offers added protection.

Large Amounts of Cash on Hand
If you have a business that primarily handles cash, then your chances of getting robbed are greater for which you need to take extra precautions.

What comes to mind is a multiple panic switch that would trigger an alarm should there be a robbery attempt. Cash can also be kept in a safe that is monitored with a contact.

Items That are Highly Priced
Businesses with highly priced goods that can easily be slipped into a thief’s pocket should be given special attention. During such times, surveillance security systems would serve as an extra set of eyes you need to prevent a crime. However, they do not stop a crime like an alarm system would. Commercial security systems are generally armed at night once the store closes.

Camera systems can record all the time whether the store is open or close for business. Your store may have various areas that are hard to monitor due to limited personnel. Security systems attached to a camera is perfect to help in cutting down crime. Each camera can be set up in such a way that they give off a different alarm sound once motion has been detected.

Small Business Owners Who Operate from Home
Small businesses do not usually carry large amounts of cash. However, they would have sensitive information that is in either printed or digital form. Such information needs to be guarded at all cost via an alarm system. Single alarm systems can do double duty in such instances via partitions setup.

Multiple Users
A business that employees multiple people would have more than one worker arming and disarming the security alarm system. Each one should have their own specific entry code to ensure all entry points can be tracked.

As you can see a commercial alarm system requires a different device than a residential alarm system.

In this regard, SOS Alarm does a fantastic job in the commercial security industry in that they offer various solutions.

What comes to mind is their UltraSync Self-Contained Hub. It is a one of a kind wireless security panel that features a built-in web browser that is super easy to install, program and control. It comes equipped with a Z-Wave radio that lets users control Z-Wave lights, locks, and thermostats at home via a UltraSync mobile app that is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Then there is their Interlogix Smart Home security system that utilizes pre-set schedules, remote system management, and GEO location to help users manage their energy consumption.

There should be no doubt in your mind who to approach for your commercial security business needs. SOS Alarm offers a complete solution that can quickly be configured to suit different protection levels as super affordable monthly monitoring rates. You can always count on fast response time and state-of-the-art customer service. For more information on business security monitoring, contact the team at SOS Alarm Company.

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Learn How to Cash in on Affiliate Marketing

Learn How to Cash in on Affiliate Marketing

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An easy way to define Affiliate marketing is to put it this way: In affiliate marketing, your business (the affiliate) markets and promotes another business (the merchant) for some form of predetermined commission. In most instances, each time you send the merchant a customer, you get paid. If your website is part of an affiliate program, you will promote the other business by using;

• Banner Ads
• Text links
• Email marketing
• Search engine marketing

You can learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing through one of our free webinars.  Here are some tips on choosing the right affiliate program.

How do you join Affiliate marketing?

The first step is to find a good Affiliate program and join it. Once you join one, find the products that you would like to sell. The seller will give you an affiliate code that you will use to direct traffic to their site. In most cases, you are provided with banners, text links or other kinds of copy which you embed onto your website. Like all other affiliates, you will have a unique affiliate ID. According to your terms of the agreement, you can be paid in various ways. Common payment terms include:

• Pay per click: A commission paid based on the number of visitors you direct to the seller
• Pay per sale: A commission paid based on the sales you generate
• Pay per lead: A commission paid based on a number of visitors who fill out a form with their contact details.

How to make yourself a top Affiliate Marketer

To start off, choose the best affiliate program. Once you have found the best program, how do you redirect as many people as possible? Here are some ideas that can fast track you to success:

Find an affiliate program that values your interests and works for you: A good program will equip you with ready-made tools (links and other forms of copy) and give you favorable terms. Favorable terms are relative to what you are after.

Find the best sellers: Your reputation is on the line here. If you redirect people and they come away disappointed with the product you endorsed, they will anchor you to their disappointment. They will be reluctant to take your advice next time.

Use tools that will make managing your links easier: For instance, there are WordPress plugins that are invaluable in this regard if you use the platform.

Market a few high-quality products: Do not register with many affiliate programs haphazardly to expand your revenue stream since you will find it tough to promote the respective products accordingly. The best products to market are those that rhyme with the theme of your website and that have a relatively high demand.

Diversify your traffic sources: Use more than one mode of generating traffic to your site. If you use text links, consider going into Google Adwords to increase your chances of success. Once you have diversified, gauge the methods you use and pay more attention to the ones that reap maximum benefits.

Learn from the best affiliate marketers: You can find free marketing education webinars that will provide you with an opportunity to interact and network with the top people in the field. They can let you in on some secrets.

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Crushing it With Facebook Ads

Crushing it With Facebook Ads

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Are you having a hard time creating Facebook ads for your business, blog or website? This passage offers the best ideas that will attract more followers. By the end of this article, you’ll be having what it takes to make the most effective Facebook advertisements. These tips will tell you exactly how the social media advertisement pros do it. You gonna be surprised at how it’s easy. These are the kind of tips you’ll find in one of our free marketing education webinars over the internet only that this article has narrowed them down to the most important. Just follow the advice below and multiply your followers and customers within no time. There are many ways on how to make your Facebook ads, but these below have proved to be the most effective.

Provide Social Proof

As you know, almost everyone resists from using a service or purchasing a product due to the fear of getting scammed or getting an inferior product or service. For customers to overcome this fear, they need to see a proof which will end up enticing them to purchase the product or service. This is done by either mentioning your large number of users or posting testimonials. Testimonials are mostly recommendation videos from satisfied customers that affirm the value, quality or performance of a service or product. To make them even better, you should use celebrities; though it’s expensive, customers tend to trust their views highly.

Make It Short, Simple and Specific

Have you ever started reading an ad and stopped in the middle just because it was too long? The customers reading long adverts go through this. A Facebook user can thoroughly read a short ad while scrolling without stopping. A short advertisement will, therefore, be read by many users as compared to a long one. To make a short advert, you’ll have to be specific by only mentioning the essential details. Simplicity also ensures that an ad is easily readable by anyone. Don’t use complicated words that will force someone to look up their meanings in a dictionary.

Identify your Target Customers

You should know which kind of persons are suited to your products and services or which group of people like your products. These groups may be based on gender, age, marital status or even social class. This will help you to post your ads in the most suitable groups which will increase the effectiveness of the ad. There are many groups on Facebook; some are composed of majority youth members, moms ladies, farmers etc. You will also be able to communicate to a particular group with the most suitable language, e.g. Products for the youth like skate shoes or even headphones require adverts mostly in slang.

Try the above tips and see the performance of your ads improve significantly or you can sign up for one of our free webinars to learn more.

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